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Real money casino slot machine features

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Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches from Play'n Go at the casino is a slot machine 33 with a detective theme. The most exciting feature of this slot is the bonus game which consists of free spins where you can use various tips to win extra spins, accelerated freespins and mega spins at casino online.
This is an intriguing slot in real money casino with an innovative bonus game, with 3 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines, where you play as a detective. Your job is to catch suspected gangsters and robbers, and if you succeed, you could end up with a rather large win at the online casino.

Bonus features at the online casino

Despite its simple appearance, the Riddle Reels slot at the casino has a surprising number of bonus features. During a game, you may see wild symbols on the reels, which replace the main icons. The slot machine contains three different jokers.
The reels of the slot spin both the standard Wild symbols, as well as Wild symbols with 2x and 3x multipliers. All jokers replace the base game symbols when necessary to form winning combinations in casino online.
If a winning combination includes a wild with a multiplier, this winnings is multiplied by the multiplier indicated by the joker. If there is more than one Wild in the same combination, the multipliers are multiplied first. So in this slot you can get up to 27 times the Wild winnings in the online casino.
In addition to the wilds, there are also scatters on the reels, which can be used to activate both re-spins and the casino bonus game. However, this symbol does not award the player individual Scatter wins in real money casino.

Free Spins and Repins in casino online

Riddle Reels at casino online includes both free spins and spins. Freespins are triggered during the bonus game, but re-spins are activated each time two scatters appear on the reels in real money casino.
Before a re-spin is triggered, the reels on which the scatters have already appeared are locked in place in the casino. The third reel then spins again, giving the player another Scatter, which activates the bonus game described below. If the replay does not result in a third Scatter, the online casino mystery feature is activated.

Bonus Game at the casino

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The casino slot machine bonus game consists of free spins. This feature is activated when you see 3 scatters on the reels at the same time.
After that, things get a little more complicated, because on the screen appears a playing field with 14 positions, each of which contains a clue. Being active in the game rewards you with five hints, the first of which is given at the start. Four more hints are revealed as you move around the playing field as the action progresses.
During the casino online bonus game you can roll the dice four times, and with each roll you advance 1-6 places on the playing field. At the start of the action and each time you stop at a hint, you get 1-3 free spins and one of the following gifts:
– Weapon: all weapon symbols are changed to the same symbols.
– Suspect: all regular symbols are replaced with the same winning symbols.
– Guaranteed New Round.
To solve a clue you need to get 1, 2 or 3 winning spins during your free casino freespins. Solving a clue is marked as a dot on the Clue Point Wheel counter. If the counter is fully charged for four dice rolls, you will trigger a mega round at the online casino.
During the mega round one of the reels turns into a joker reel which may also contain multipliers. If the counter does not fill up during the dice rolls, the Hint Wheel feature is activated. During this action, the counter expands and spins, which could result in you winning a mega round in real money casino.
Despite the many bonus features, there is no progressive jackpot in the Riddle Reels slot. However, for those dreaming of big winnings, there is a 5000x total bet multiplier typical of Play'n Go slot machines which you can win with the bonus feature at casino online.

RTP and volatility in real money casino

This is a slot game at the casino with average volatility and long term return, or RTP, of 96.22% .

Mobile game at online casino

Riddle Reels slot in real money casino is suitable for mobile players because of its simple playing field 33 created for small screens of mobile devices in casino online casino.